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Julie, … You do really great work. I usually don't take very good pictures because most photographers get in a hurry... For that reason, I don't usually enjoy having my picture taken. You made that process a very pleasant one and your work results shows your dedication and professionalism. The paper version of the article arrived yesterday. Your work is in the big middle of the front page of the paper. It is a bit scary to see yourself on the front cover of such a periodical. Your work is right there for everyone to see. Have a great day!!! Chris D. Prentice

Hello! You took my picture for the February 24 cover of … and did a sensational job , which I greatly appreciate. I get compliments on the photo all the time, and my father, in particular, loves it. … Thanks! Lisa Eskow

Again, the finnesse and professionality of your work shine through . Thanks so much , Ha'aretz - Israel

Dear Julie Farias – Thank you for the photograph… I didn't know that I could look like that … Catherine

Julie – The photographs are exceptional… Best Regards, Kathy Walt, Press Secretary, Office of the Governor

Hi Julie - Just wanted to say thanks for taking such a great (cover) picture …. I was lucky to have had you as the photographer. Very best wishes, Marie Hejl

Thank you Julie! Everyone involved had nothing but praise for you! These are great! Dan W. Holladay

Hi Julie ! Thanks so much for all the support and especially your pleasing attitude and manner. So many vendors I work with have no personality! Anyway all went well with the group, and they were very happy!… Kate Alexander

Hey Julie! I love your website… Thanks again for your time, courtesy & expertise. You're a real pro. John Tuttle

Julie – Thanks for the great job you did on this project. Hope you like the printed end result. Dmitry Panich

Many thanks for the photos. They look great! Nancy Scanlan

Julie: We got the images - thank you again! And thank you for the great insight from the event! We really appreciate getting the local and on-site perspective since we are not able to be there for all events. Thank you again! -Lisa Ellgass

Hi Julie- Thank you so much for you help! Also, you made something that could have been uncomfortable (I have never been photographed before) very comfortable, thanks again. Take Care, Brandy Byrd-Hallford



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